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Aono Jikken makes beautiful music together

Today has left me beat! Home at 7:30 after going like gangbusters since my laaaate wake-up time, I found myself eating two plates of spaghetti and then looking around the house for some fruit juice. The 4:30 Ozu silent I saw today was great, a genuinely funny film, and the folks who did the accompaniment were good enough that I've decided to go see "An Inn in Tokyo" on Thursday just because they're going to be doing that one, too. Then we ran right off to Pilates, and for some reason Echo decided it was Kick Their Asses day and did just that. Ugh! I mean, sure, it's great that my upper thighs and abdomen are achey right now, but, jeez Louise! And now it's bedtime. shadowdaddy's got the day off, but software folks don't get banker's holidays, so I'll be in at the normal time tomorrow ... and off to see another silent movie tomorrow, Male and Female, as part of the Silent Movie Mondays at the Paramount. As for the house ... well, I can always clean it when I'm dead.
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