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Being reminded again that this is a holiday for some folks

I love the idea that shadowdaddy is home cleaning the house right now while I'm at work. Even if he's only doing it because he's got a friend hanging out with him today, and even if the only reason that it's even possible for that to happen is that he's got the day off, and even though he will probably only spend maybe one hour max cleaning the house, I am still pleased about this. Actually, I consider it a win-win situation - he gets the day off, and I get a cleaner house.

RE: upcoming trip: am confirmed staying at Fab 4's March 4-6, then to wechsler's for the rest of the trip. It is possible that part of the week will be spent out of town but am trying to see if I can get an actual interview arranged with the local office while I'm there, which might put a crimp in other travel plans. Subversion and B-movie are absolutely happening. I will post a solid schedule when I have one.
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