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Filtered post: Review of "Male and Female"

It was rather too funny to walk out of this silent movie with a coworker and have him say it was like some D/S episode of "Gilligan's Island." How did he know I'd understand what he said? Am I giving off some kind of subtle vibe? Anyway, here are some of the more humorous quotes:

The butler, reading to the scullery maid:
"Or ever the knightly years were gone
With the old world to the grave,
I was a King in Babylon
And you were a Christian Slave." (This was repeated ad nauseum throughout the movie.)

The maid says:
"I wouldn't be nobody's slave - I wouldn't! Unless maybe your slave, Sir!"

Once they've wrecked on the island, the butler:
"My Lady - all of us may spend the remainder of our lives on this island; the only coin that any one of us will be paid in will be Service! Those who are not willing to serve - are apt to find themselves both cold and hungry!"

The scullery maid and "the lady," arguing:
"I'm going to serve him!"

More poetry, but a different poem:
"I saw, I took, I cast you by - I bent and broke your pride -"

The butler, in his King of Babylon fantasy moment:
"I'll tame thee, never fear - my pretty, snarling Tiger-Cat!"

And later, to the imprisoned "lady:"
"Choose thine own fate: yield thou to me willingly, or thou shalt know the fitting cage we've built for thee - O, Tiger Woman!" (She of course chooses death.)

shadowdaddy and my coworker both laughed (at my expense, I fear) at this one:
"Don't believe the storybooks, Mary - Love isn't everything! There is Heredity - and Tradition - and London!"
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