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Music lesson and Floating Weeds

My voice lesson was decidedly the high note of my evening. Pilates was good and relaxing - only four people in the class, so we did a workout with the giant balls that wound up exhausting my hip flexors, of all things (imagine l. One bad thing we did was lunges with one leg balanced on the ball - I thought I could do it and protect my knee, but no such luck, it spend the rest of the evening feeling like it was filled with styrofoam instead of the nice pool of oil I like to have protecting my joints.

shadowdaddy picked me up afterwards, and we ran home so I could have a bite to eat and warm up before my lesson. By the time I got there (having run through most of my material from Chicago and Cabaret on the drive over), I was in very good form, and during warm ups I found out that part of the reason I was having such a damn hard time reaching notes during Monday night's practice was that I was trying to be quiet. Once I started aiming for the back of the room, the entire quality of my voice changed, and I suddenly remembered why I thought I might even rate trying out for a musical. By the end of the lesson, Jessica and I were duetting on my audition piece (since second soprano sound really strange without its top), and as I raced to meet and match her lovely voice with my own, I fell into the joy of singing like I hadn't in a really long time. God, it was fun.

Uh, yeah, so afterwards we went to see Floating Weeds, a movie about an acting troop stuck in a small town in Japan while they slowly run out of money. Though I could say a lot about it (really scary misogyny, lots of lovely tableaux, very different set of characters from the usual Ozu flick), I willI instead say that I talked to the woman that would be the hiring manager for the London office today and she wants me to send her my resume again. That'll give me a chance to polish it up before it goes out - apparently they lost all of their mail for a day so she never got it the first time. Things are looking good both for an interview while I'm there AND for maybe getting a more challenging job than Localization testing. Huzzah!
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