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Written on the HA HA HA!

Written on the Wind was a complete hoot. All of the phallic imagery (why was it every time they showed the slutty sister there were oil derrick in the background?) and the homosexual subtext (slutty sister comes on to Rock Hudson, and for some reason he can't get his match to light - snerk!) had me laughing out loud. Then to have it end with slutty sister stroking the eiffel tower statuette on her dad's desk ... could it have been more hysterical? I'm convinced Crazy Brother's problem was that he and Rock used to get fresh with each other "down by the river," and that his continued longing for this is what was driving him mad. Lauren Bacall was just stunning - I couldn't keep my eyes off of her.

In other classic movie news, I was sent a link to a great site about Vertigo, especially if you are a fan of San Francisco. I thought the whole movie was a love song to the City on the Hill, and this web site had me drooling nostalgically for it.

I slept like crap last night, and I'm wondering if I should skip mah jong tonight. Otherwise, I might go to life drawing at the Spot, but I'm not sure yet. Turning in early would be good. And it would be nice if I'd GET SOME DAMN WORK DONE at work today. (Boy, you goof off for an afternoon, and the guilt is unbearable!) I did actually manage to ride my bike in today, though. And yesterday when I got to Pilates, the class was full! Can you believe it? But with the walk home, I'm sure I was good for the day exercise-wise. And I got some charming blisters courtesy of my poor beat up tennis shoes as souvenirs of my walk home.
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