Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

The sound of the waves on pebbles. The smell of salt in the air.

We found irony in the fact that we had to drive three hours north to experience the kind of winter we've been missing in Seattle this year. Chill, moisture, fog - we had it all, and it kept us inside (no kayaking, too cold!), not that it was a horribly bad thing since we got in some good gaming Saturday night (Tigris and Euphrates, Pirateer, though not Traders of Genoa) with my brother and his wife. In my Friday morning stupor I forgot to pack my swimsuit, so I completely missed out on using the hot tub, so bah on my poor brain. Double bah for it waking me up today at 5 AM to make me stress out about work. I placated it by promising to work late Monday and Tuesday, and even promised to go in for a while today, which eventually led to a lower heart rate if not a reduction in back tension - and a little more sleep at around 6. Of course, the Ferry God(mother)s laughed at me and made sure that no, work today would not happen, that instead I would spend three hours at the rather pleasantly landscaped area near the Orcas ferry terminal marvelling at the incredible weather that I did not get to enjoy the day before. How could I have known that the noon ferry took only 30 cars? At least I have a new squished penny to show for the experience, and there was absolutely nothing to complain about having spent a late-winter afternoon lazing in the sun with a good book, a deck of cards, and my sweetie.

Said sweetie and I spent a lot of the weekend talking talking talking; talking all the way up (we missed the ferry then, too, due to wretched traffic); talking in the cabin; talking as we drove around town. Maybe there will come a day when we have nothing to say to each other, but mostly it seems that talking is good and means that things are good, and we continued talking talking talking all the way down to the Bois' for their annual Oscar party. And I did make it for a full forty-eight hours without computer access, to my great surprise, though I did get the sweats Saturday when I saw the internet cafe in Eastsound. shadowdaddy pulled me away, though. And may I say ... it's good to be back!
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