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Spring is here unnaturally early

This morning I looked up while picking the newspaper and saw this riot of yellow behind the boxwood. Yep, the forsythia is already going, and the little plum sapling behind it made for a nice extra froth of white . I turned around and, lo, not only is the mock quince going to town, but the camellias are blooming, too. It makes the house look so beautiful. I need to go outside and spend some time admiring my hyacinths, too - I can see some of them are blooming but from the kitchen window it's hard to tell if it's my doubles or just the common ones I've added in over the years.

shadowdaddy was kind enough to do some shopping for me yesterday on his way home from work, and I was able to have (at last!) a Decent Cup of Tea over breakfast today - Makaibiri Estate First Flush Darjeeling. Yum. He bought me some second flush and some Kenyan tea, too, as well as a couple of other things that I had requested he buy for me for my trip. I'm excited about it, but stressed out, too - there are too many things I need to do or get sorted before I leave and the tension backache I've got is verging on the POING! state right now. I'm tempted to see what things I've got going this week that I can cancel, but the hair appointment is a must and since I have to leave work a little early for that on Wednesday I might as well go for the voice lesson. However, that would mean I should actually practice before I go ... an amusing idea to contemplate, me sitting in the barber's chair singing Gilbert and Sullivan.
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