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I was surprised to find that |I still don't live here

Although I'm perhaps a wee bit hallucinatory from lack of sleep (it's 11:30 PM right now and I think I've had maybe 5 hours today), my current feeling is that everything is perfect. In this case, I define perfect as: wechsler met me at Heathrow (necessitating I take my sweet time leaving the airport), spikeylady was cooking yummy vegan curry at the flat when I arrived, shadowdaddy was on IM so we could chat for a bit, and no one wanted to go out. This would normally be a "boo" 'ceptin' that I'm exhausted and just laying around on the couch and chatting about politics and the physiological differences between rats and mice and what a perfect world would look like to an Ayn Rand fan is, in my mind, a great evening. I want to be with my friends and so I am. Life is good. (Life will be better tomorrow when ergotia is feeling better, but I can feel her good vibes coming up with the steam from the radiator. Ooh, and forget cold British apartments: at the top of this building, the flat I'm in is ragin' hot.)

All I need now is a sim card. Here, little sim card! What do you look like and where are you hiding?
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