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"I saw, I took, I cast you by - I bent and broke your pride"

I return home only slighty broken from an overly long night out. Birthday karaoke was fantastic, but not finding food beforehand started giving me a stress attack due mostly to the hungry goth boys who were wasting away before my eyes. (I sang "Cry Me a River" and "When You're Good to Mama," both of which were well received despite being contrary to the mostly very merry mood.) Dashed off to Shillibeers for the club, then through a miracle of nature wound up staying out until, what, 5:30 AM? Attempts to sleep while waiting for the tube to reopen were useless, but trip to get breakfast beforehand proved more fruitful. Alas, without the helpful guidance of the quad to get home (they skipped breakfast), I would up in my sleep-addled state getting rather lost around Elephant and Castle (thanks to some construction work I was forced to take an alternate route to my planned one) and began to think that I was much more likely to find an elephant or a castle before I found the friggin' train station to take me back to Streatham. Aaargh.

It's freezing outside. I'm going to try to get some sleep now. I'm afraid jet lag is going to be a problem for me for a while yet after last night's escapades.
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