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Three stars: Lyme Regis!

I'm back after another blistering two days unhooked from the internet. Lyme Regis was just what I was hoping for. I found fossils on the beach (though I must say a fossil clam was NOT what I was hoping for, but I'm also now in possession of an ammonite in mudstone) and fudge in town. The weather stayed mild, the hotel was pretty neat (much more charming than I was led to believe by the website) and served good food, and I played in rocks and mud to my heart's content. Once again, though, I found myself in need of a swimsuit: how was I to know (or notice) they had a hot tub? It would have been a very nice way to get the kinks worked out that even after a half week away from work I find are still there. Postcards have been sent for those who requested them and I now own a whole lot of regionally brewed cider, most of which I'm planning on drinking over the next four days.

I'm hoping for B-movie tomorrow (perhaps dinner before?) and I'd very much like to find a frigging outlet I could plug my phone into as its battery is now very dead. Oh, yes, and at 3 tomorrow I'm having an informational interview with the local office. Wish me luck - and that what I think is a developing cold will just go away.
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