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Another Saturday night .. I mean, Friday

It's Friday night and I left work early because I felt strung out, likely because of the cold medication I'd taken in the afternoon. Somehow despite its being a non-drowsy formulation I managed to fall asleep on the couch right at about 5 PM. Cold? Lack of sleep? You tell me. Now I'm having a hard time getting off of the couch and I've put in an order for macaroni and cheese from the house's alternate chef. Any "plans" for tonight are off. Yeah, this is leading that "alternative lifestyle" I've heard so much about. All I need to do is turn the TV on and I could be back in Arizona.

I'm also sore from Pilates yesterday. Of particular note is my "serratus," a bizarre little muscle that lives on my sides, right about where my bra ends on my ribcage. I've also got aches in my glutes, biceps, and quads. It's kind of a nice feeling overall. We've got our one-on-one (well, one on two) lesson on Sunday and I think it will be very good for me. Tomorrow I'll be going to a voice lesson at 11 - only one more week until the audition!
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