Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

It's nice to have the rain keeping me inside.

Music for Airports is on the stereo right now. With the rain, it's like a siren call for me to come lie down on the couch, one I will heed in a mere few minutes.

I went out to lunch (crepes at 611 Supreme) with butterbee and, I believe, thewronghands (and of course the boy) after my voice lesson, and now my batteries are run down and need recharging before the concert tonight. Thank goodness it is classical music, so I feel confident I can make it through the night and not just be exhausted. I can see that I will still be taking it quietly for a while yet.

Um ... the voice lesson was great, two hours of fun for me, with gossip and tea to boot. I feel like I'm much better at the "patter" half of my audition than I was before, and it was great to have my coach help me get into character AND to have him say that I didn't really need any work on the other piece. He also warned me that the group I'm auditioning for is very political and that I might not make it in just because someone with more experience with the group (but not necessarily a better voice) or with more money to donate might be better suited to their temperament. So I'll take that under consideration, but I don't think my enthusiasm for the venture is much diluted. After all, I am an alto, and I'm just auditioning for a part in the chorus ... my hope is that those things will stand strongly in my favor.
Tags: patience
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