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Les Savvy: Oy, I asked for NO drama

UPDATE: Had to disable comments to keep Jason from melting down ... sorry.

The girlfriend didn't like 1) being asked to not see the boy for a week while he works on fixing me 2) the lack of surety about where things were going after the week was over. This led to three phone call attempts at 3 AM and then another set - four more? - between then and now.

I admit she must be not be happy about things no matter what but phone calls after midnight to me are generally limited to death-in-the-family kind of matters. And Jason's suffering from exhaustion now, too, emotional exhaustion. He was before he made the initial call to her that set this all off last night - he'd gone into his phase where he just kind of shuts down and loses his enthusiasm - and with about five hours of sleep he's got regular exhaustion now, too.

Now we're both worn out. I tried cheering him up a little, yesterday, taking the 5% charge of my battery and giving it to him at one AM when I woke up and saw that he was still on the couch and looking numb. Maybe I can get a little more charged up today, enough to have a little for both of us. Even though I was feeling screwy still last night at the party, I'm feeling safe and all my tears yesterday felt like they weren't coming from an out of control place. Patience, that's what I need, from others and with myself.
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