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Some people just can't hold their arsenic

It's almost 5 and it feels like my day has barely started. And let me tell you I'm excited about going home and doing my taxes tonight! I found out you can deduct for job seeking expenses, so I need to work that in somehow.

Some fool decided to pay me $10 for a book I got at a garage sale for 50¢. It took me two or three weeks for it to sell, but that's not too bad, really. I dropped it off at the post office after my lunch at Koraku and postage was only $1 media mail. Sweet! I think I could make this Amazon bookselling thing a full time business if I had a computer with a little wireless connection and took it to Salvation Army and just trolled through ISBNs to see what books were out of print. (Unfortunately I had to stay home and couldn't go to the fat library sale at Sand Point yesterday, but shadowdaddy made it and scored a pretty ballet book for me, so I wasn't left totally high and dry.)
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