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Taxes, work, first night of Flamenco class

My first flamenco class is tonight at 6:30. motomotoyama will be taking it with me, which is great because it's an excuse to hang out with her and if we're not having a good time we can bitch to each other. I'd better get my act in gear this afternoon so I can get out of here on time. Also, I forgot to get my taps taken off of my tap shoes. I hope it's fun but the instructor came off like a total diva when she called on the phone to tell me to NOT wear my dance shoes on the street at all, NO DIRTY SHOES on the studio floor! My my! Well, it was the part where she did my horoscopes ... regular and Chinese. I'm just going to have to change the date I tell people my birthday is so I stop getting idiots thinking they can figure anything about me based on my date of birth. November 11, 1966: how does that sound?

It looks like I finished my taxes up OK last night, and it turns out I owe instead of getting money back, thanks to the two weeks I was covered by a 401K and the fact I was on unemployment for ten months and didn't have taxes taken out (I had this fantasy that I would be getting a job soon, and the reality that every dollar I got from UI was paying for food and utilities). Oh well, the bill is manageable (thanks to getting my first paycheck at my new job today. As for my planned retirement funds (I don't want to wind up like my dad, whose plan had always been to die at his desk, then got forced into retirement at 59, too young to get social security benefits and also young enough to cost him what he would have got from his pension plan), apparently even if I can't deduct them (saving $800 in taxes), I can "recharacterize". Now I get to focus my financial mental energy on getting the appraisal on the house to come back more in the territory I need it to so we can do the remodel.
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