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My cat is trying to decode my secret message

I'm wandering around the house, singing the pieces I'll be doing for my Gilbert and Sullivan audition tomorrow. This is different from my normal walking-around-the-house-and-singing routine because these songs are exclusively sung in falsetto. As a consequence, Boo is following me from room to room, meowing frantically at me. I swear she's saying, "I hear you, I hear your extreme agony. Just let me know what I can do to help. I'm here, see me batting at your leg?" I tried letting her out, she's been fed, I've carried her around, but it seems like the only thing that gets her to stop meowing is if I stop singing. I've been at it for an hour now, so I think I can probably call it a rest for tonight. I'll be back up at 8:30 tomorrow, getting ready to be brilliant at 10. We'll see how it goes. I feel like I'm not singing very well tonight - rather like at my lesson yesterday, where I felt like I'd pretty much forgotten everything I'd learned and all of my confidence had bled away.

We went to my brother's for dinner and were served roast chicken and mashed potatoes by my always wonderful sister-in-law. Afterwards I was just too beat to play any games - I'd actually felt mostly wiped out since 11 AM earlier in the day - and they were utterly happy to just chat for a while and then watch some of Orgazmo, a completely mindless, crass flick which had [insert my family name here] written all over it. I only made it to 9:30 before I couldn't stay up much more, and I knew I needed to practice, so we called it an early night. We'll be seeing them again Sunday, so I don't feel like we were too rude, and I'm sure they're forgiving, though truth be told with my insanely early sleep hours of the last two weeks I've been feeling like quite the little old lady.
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