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I've got to get over this hump - and first night Flamenco

The first night of flamenco class was last night. The flamenco teacher is completely crazy, and the girl who took a year of flamenco is of course the one she is teaching to, even though she said we shouldn't compare ourselves to others (humph). I'm extra glad Sleen is taking the class with me, since we get to be frustrated together. My dyslexia was really kicking in, too. She'd be doing real time instructions ("Stomp on your left and pivot right!") that would leave me thirty seconds later still trying to remember what foot was my left foot. Man. After dropping Sleen off in Pioneer Square for a concert, I went home and finished Lirael, which was extremely pleasant. Of course it's a To Be Continued book. I've got high hopes the sequel is either already in print or close to finished.

Lots of work to do today, so I'm anticipating I'll be staying late-ish and possibly skipping mahjong in favor of the shower I should have took this morning (my hygeine habits have become atrocious), which I will definitely need after I ride my bike home (yay biking to work!). It's hard to believe I am leaving the house earlier and coming home later than I was at my old job, thanks to the miracle of Lots of Work to Do. I miss getting 9 hours of sleep a night!

PS: If only just spending money would make me a better dancer! I love all of the flamenco clothes, but there doesn't seem to be much point in buying them.
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