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Singing in the living room, plays on the hill

We went with jadine to Theater Schmeater tonight to see a play to take the place of Brent or Brenda, which was apparently cut short by an illness in the cast. Mr. and Mrs. irrationalrobot met up with us there, surprisingly, as it was kind of on the spontaneous side but nice to see them anyhow. The play was called "Hellhound on My Trail," and was a series of loosely connected scenes that as near as I could tell explored a lot of the ridiculous aspects of bureaucracy. Yeah, sure, it's possible that some food inspector somewhere got crazy enough on a hot summer night to proposition her coworker to cover her breasts with jam and lick them clean ... and that some sadistic HR ombudsman somewhere would get off by forcing her to tell her tale ... but I found it unlikely. Nonetheless, watching the various pairs of actors manipulate each other through subtle verbal interplay was fascinating, and I did really enjoy the show (which ends tomorrow so get yer bootie over there if you can).

I was of course worn out afterwards and wanted to just go home, but when I got here found myself sitting in front of the CD player with my score in my lap and Patience on the stereo, singing along with the various women's chorus bits. I barely made it through the first act and I've got a lot of hard singing ahead! This is going to require a lot of practice - and makes me wish I had a piano. I can't wait to see how the first rehearsal goes tomorrow ... any wounds will be licked while beating corvuscrx at Puerto Rico or some other game he's still not mastered ... which would be what, all of them? *cackles evilly* And just maybe I'll go to see the Tudor Choir perform "Spem in Alium," a forty part motet that will surely make my confusion at the end of act one of Patience seem but the mewlings of a babe.
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