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Iraq turmoil - reminds me of when Saddam was the good guy

One week later the Iraqis are protesting against the Americans and saying they want an Islamic state. We'll see how long before US troops start shooting the "freed" Iraqis, hmm?

And 15 year mortgage rates went down again. Not a big deal to many people but this will directly affect the likelihood that I will be buying the drinks when you and I next go out. We're still waiting to get things finalized with the refinance, the latest news being that the comparable properties we gave to the mortgage banker all showed up much higher than the ones the appraisers used, so as soon as the appraisers get back from vacation (Sunday night), they'll look at our stuff and see if they should adjust the value. My fingers are crossed that we could wrap this all up next Friday and get on with getting the remodel done. I want to make tea on the porch while looking at Mount Rainier a reality!

Finally, two dead crows showed up in front of our house Tuesday night, which made three dead birds total if you include the robin from Saturday. I am wondering if West Nile is getting a toehold in Seattle. Unfortunately we threw them out so the department of health can't analyze them. But I find it strange that I haven't seen any dead birds near my house the whole time I've lived there, and three showed up in a week, all fully fledged and showing no evidence of trauma. Odd.

OK, it looks like the build has FINALLY happened, so I can get to work. I just need to pop in a CD and I'm good to go!
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