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Gratuitous post

Remember how I said a couple of days ago I wish I could get a package just so an outside source could verify my existence? I found it highly ironic that when I came home that day there were actually TWO packages on the doorstep, but one of them wasn't for me. I still wound up putting in an order from Amazon - if I want to finish Kage Baker's Company series, I really don't want to have to wait another full year for the paperback to come out. Life is short and I want a good book to read NOW.

My tiny dinner from night decided to punish me ("You cook me and this is the love you show me, eating half a serving and filling out your calories with pints of cider?") by making me hungry at some ridiculous hour this morning, and when I finally ate at 9 I was almost dizzy from lack of food. I've spent the morning feeling a little weird, like I'm overcaffeinated or something, and while I'd really enjoy a cup of tea I'm afraid to make one. My guess is that when the all-dev meeting takes place at 4 I'm going to have a hard time sitting through it with my eyelids open.

It's baseball season, and I've got a calendar up next to my desk. Surprised? Well, given that leaving work at the wrong time on a game night adds a FULL HOUR to my trip home, I damn well need to keep track of when the games are. Just another reason to hate sports in my book.
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