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So nice to be online again

Worthy Opponent went to Phoenix without getting the computer fixed, so I was off-line all weekend. In short, I spent the weekend at Norwescon, playing games and hanging out with motomotoyama. I played Carcasonne twice, Hunters and Gatherers once, Puerto Rico once, Settlers of Cataan once, and Munchkin twice (or one and a half times since I left in the middle of the second game to go drinking). I also play tested a game called "Boomtown" that this guy I met named Chris/Topher (whatever he is normally called) designed. I only won one game all weekend, the second Settlers, where I played a brick/stone strategy that had me strong from the start (and since it was a very competetive group I felt like it was a good win). I feel like I made some friends, but will I actually ever see them again? What I will see is the swag I picked up: a Carcasonne "traders" expansion set, some Neil Gaiman books (short stories and a guide to Neverwhen), a Lunch Money t-shirt, and a registration sheet for DragonFlight, the all-gaming convention in August.
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