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The Return of La Blue Girl


I know I'm not supposed to complain, but I'm doing modem testing this afternoon and


it is just so slow. I don't think it was really the turkey from the Bakeman's sandwich: it's just the painful repetition of the same task in a much more SLOOOW environment. I even did some online shoping today at Sierra Traders (they're having a free shipping promotion this week, and I was tempted to dig around more and see what else they had that I wanted) and "Rob's Anime Corner" (Miko Mido will soon be mine, all three DVDs worth!), which had really good prices (and I was surprised to note that Amazon did not even STOCK what I was looking for). With any luck this cup of China Keemun will get me over the hump and I'll get a little bit of something accomplished in the next hour and a half besides eating my dinner.

Flamenco is tonight, and while I'm not entirely dreading it, I'm not looking forward to another evening of feeling like a cow-footed clod hopper. I hope the teacher actually tries to teach us some stuff instead of just showing us how to do it twice and then leaving us to our own devices. Otherwise, I hope motomotoyama and I get some drinkin' or something in afterwards.

Damn, the sun has come out. Can't I just go home now?
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