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So stood up and so irritated

Nina stood me up last night. I called her around 7 to let her know we were on our way over, and she acted like she had, once again, forgotten that we had made a date to do something. I wasn't even going to call to tell her we were on her way over, only I wanted to give her a heads up. Her lame excuse was that she had a job application to get in, "and I just have to get a job." As if that hasn't been true for a year, and as if she probably hadn't been sitting on that application for days. Why do I even make the effort to hang out with her when this so regularly occurs? I could spit tacks. The night was thrown into chaos because of this, since we had arranged everything around going to see her. We wound up doing grocery shopping, getting dinner at Shalimar (the pleasantest part of the night), and packing (and I wrote up my story), although I was in a pissy little mood that I never really got out of. Now we're supposed to be seeing lots of her this weekend, although I'm feeling remarkably disinclined to do so. I am looking forward to getting out of here, even if it rains in Long Beach all weekend.
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