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Not quite live from Long Beach

What's the one thing that will ruin the joy of putting on a nice pair of summer pants on the first sunny weekday of the year? Getting bike grease all over them because you're too weak to lift your bike up higher than your thighs.

The weekend in Long Beach was fun (actually I'm back at work). We talked and talked. Somehow all of the serious stuff seems to come up when we're far from our normal lives. We didn't make any progress, but we did play two games of Carcasonne, thrift shop in Ilwaco and Astoria, buy fudge, visit Cathy (and play more Carcasonne), and see a new place: Fort Canby beach. How did we miss it before? We also talked about the benefits of owning a rentable property on Long Beach with a real estate agent. We wound up staying until 6 on Sunday, taking pictures of the Sou'wester and (truth be told) enjoying the great weather. And Miko Mido was waiting for us when we came home! What a great weekend.
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