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Back from the beach - Long Beach, Washington

Er ... we're back. If you didn't catch, butterbee didn't go with us, which I am terribly sad about, but even more so now that she says she's thinking of moving back to Canada to get her health issues addressed more solidly. Losing my best friend would bite. I want to go out to eat dinner with her right now, if I could only find her ...

Um ... so given that it was just us, it was the Weekend of Much Talking. BLAH BLAH BLAH all the way down, BLAH BLAH BLAH on the beach, BLAH BLAH BLAH as we drove back home today. But all the talking was good ... somehow it's all nicer when you're bathed in the mist rolling off of the Pacific and you can hear the breeze singing in the pine trees. Saturday was the kind of days where everything went so perfectly that it seemed like it might have been time to buy a lottery ticket. We slept until 10, went to Laurie's for breakfast (poached eggs, pancakes, and grits for me, french toast with bananas and strawberries for him), then headed out to a rummage sale we'd seen advertised in the local paper. I'd just settled on the two items I was going to let myself buy (a personal massager - good for those knots in your back even if seemingly amusingly multi-purpose - and a cake server), when we were informed that, in fact, it was all you could fit into a paper grocery bag for $1. Suddenly, three square dancing dresses, an utterly heinous wall clock, and this hysterical bucket hat were all "must-haves," along with - oh, more stuff.

We handed over our buck and went back into town for the inevitable trip to Anna Lena's Fudge and Fabric store. While I was once again mocked for my inability to avoid the "buy one pound get 1/2 pound free" special, the true surprise was seeing shadowdaddy come up to the counter with a bolt of this "panther woman" fabric and have a slice cut off of it. He says he wants to get t-shirts and sew the various women (with knife in teeth! with panther at feet! fighting to the death!) on them, but we'll see ... for all I know it might wind up as an apron at some point in the future.

Now that we had our nourishment at the ready, we decided that it was time to make our first trip to the beach. The dog was brought, the frisbee was thrown, the silly hat was worn and many photos were taken. Oh, and I got my feet soaked. It was really fun, and great for us to feel like we were back in "team" mode, thinking as a unit, talking endlessly, both simultaneously done with the walk and ready for some real food at the same time. I can't remember the last time things felt like this - I almost think it might have been August or something along those lines - but it was really great.

Then off we went to "La Pinata de Quito," a little Mexican grocery right up the street from the Sou'wester, where we loaded up on enchiladas (a dozen, so we could take them home with us) and two steak tacos. They were DAMNED fine, and somehow ... led to a nap. We roused ourselves just in time to make the book signing at the cool indie bookstore in town for this CUTE illustrated book about Long Beach (The Longest Beach: An Eccentric Guide to Washington State's Long Beach Peninsula), and while we were there the owner of the store loaded us up with little roasted turkey sandwiches to take back with us. But first, we had to stop by the pinball palace and get our game on. I played Theater of Magic until I couldn't handle the free games any more, then moved on to Addams Family and finally Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

The list of options for the evening's entertainment were not to be underestimated. Did we want to attend the travelogue writing workshop at the Sou'wester given by the authoresses we had just met, or should we travel to Astoria for the community college's celebration of National Tap Dance Day? Or should we head down the road to Ilwaco and listen to sea chanties on the most southwestern tip of all of Washington state? Given the options, we found ourselves irrepressively drawn back town the road to the beach, where we sat on a log and watched the sun set (or rather watched the waves roll in, as the sun was nowhere to be seen behind the cloud cover).

Home was little sandwiches with mac n' cheese and potato chips, then laziness ... reading ... talking ... et cetera. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere with no phones and no internet access ... but could it have been better? We were even lucky enough to get a little rain, which was beautiful to listen to and made the trailer seem even more cozy.

This morning we had "Pancakes by Jason!" with The World's Cheapest Bacon, then went for a final walk on the beach. A huge log had washed up in the middle of the night and provided the perfect perch for watching fishermen, kite flyers, and other local color pass by (no horses today, alas). Then it was back to pack up, pay up, and ... head to Astoria for the Sunday market. It was incredibly fun - so clearly a representation of the many farmers and craftsmen who live in the area, such a wide variety of things to buy and people to watch. I came back with some shea oil lotion and shea butter lip gloss, a dahlia bulb, some artisinal goat cheeses (YUM!) and some spicy Italian sausage (plus a slice of berry pie and an oatmeal cookie from two different of the bakers). But then the rain started to pour, reminding us rather hysterically of the logs of Lewis and Clark that had been quoted in the little book we'd bought the day before (November 11: we are all wet also our bedding and many other articles. We are all employed untill late drying our bedding. Nothing to eate but pounded fish. November 12: we are all wet as usual. November 13th: the rain continue all day.). We headed to the car (with just a brief detour for takeout beverages from the hysterically named Wet Dog Brew Pub), then off back across the bridge to Washington drove we, full, shopped out, ready for home.
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