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I wrote a long thing about the fall of American theater on my other blog, if you're interested, but I don't want to cross-post it. Those who know about the other blog will know where to go to read it, the rest will be saved the trauma of a rant I spent an hour composing.

I realized last night that I'm feeling overbooked. Last night was Bald Faced Lie's live rendition of The Omen, tonight is flamenco class (with 9 PM slotted for "feeling like a failure"), tomorrow is Mah Jong, and I think Thursday I'm going to have to find time to see Beau Travail at the Grand Illusion. Friday we're going to see Parrot Fever ... and I wonder why there are dishes piled up to here in the sink and although I have, um, piles of clean clothes I don't seem to have any clean socks? I'm talking about having people over Saturday evening for a sangria party, but maybe what I really need is to just sit home and clean, clean, clean, and work on making the house a little less of a shit hole. Or I could just clean the living room, make up a big batch of sangria, and see if I care any more after I've had two or three glasses. Hmm ...

Now I'm going to eat Worthy Opponent's cinnamon roll from the Cottage House bakery in Long Beach. Yum!
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