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Flamenco and humiliation

We were stood up by the contractor yesterday, which was irritating since I left work early to be there for him. However, the tile guy came by this morning. I wonder what kind of outrageous price he'll come up with to do the kitchen and bathroom? I didn't particularly mind coming IN late but I don't like leaving early, especialy after I did as little as I did all day long.

Flamenco sucked yesterday. I fell on my ass during class but tried to just laugh at about how everything was going partially because I consider crying at a dance class not appropriate. I just need to 1) put some grip on my shoes and 2) remember that I'm two weeks behind the rest of the class even though technically I have been there every day. The reason why I say two weeks is because I'm starting to pick up on some stuff from the first week. Too bad the instructor thinks that showing something twice constitutes teaching it. Oh yeah, and the falling on my ass was actually very funny because earlier the instructor had said, "We've got HooDoos, Mahommedeans, Episcopalians, Anglicans, all sorts in this class. Whatever you believe in, and everyone believes in something, just imagine that it's holding a little string coming out of the top of your head and when you do a turn, you can't fall because it's holding the string." Of course, I thought that since I don't believe in God or anything at all, that means there's no one holding on to my string, and of course that meant that I was going to fall on my ass when we did the turns.

motomotoyama and I consoled ourselves afterwards at the Comet, where the Spire Apple Cider was particularly tasty, and the chat most enjoyable. We tried to find her her new girlfriend (the one with the Ghost in the Shell tattoos) over at Hot Mama's, but she wasn't in. Then I stayed up and finished Abhorsen, which I enjoyed very much. I think it would make a good graphic novel. Speaking of which, motomotoyama lent me Coraline, which I'm going to be starting probably tonight.

I'm kind of unsure about going to MahJong tonight, since there's a lot of housework to be done (dishes and laundry) and I want to go see Beau Travail at the Grand Illusion tomorrow. But I'll probably go anyway, since it's only half a block from my house.
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