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Dahlia day

It's cool and overcast outside, perfect weather for gardening in my book. I spent about two hours potting up dahlias and got maybe halfway through the plants I have. A third of the remaining plants are new ones and the rest are last years leftovers. I think I'll get to them tomorrow, unless I feel compelled to drive to Vancouver, Washington to look at lilacs. I could smell mine while I was working on the dahlias. They're incredibly sweet.

I'm at work now, getting a little LAN time in and trying to figure out what I should be testing (other than my patience). I feel lucky because I got some all-day parking behind a building nearby, so it's not really costing me anything to be sitting here brain-dead, and sure I wanted to do some email and stuff but really I think I just want to look good to my boss, who has easily been putting in 12 hour days for the past two or three weeks. If we're releasing Wednesday, I have no doubt that I do need to be doing more testing, though, so I'll be firing up some of the crustier OSes and taking the product for a spin in a bit. But it's warm and stuffy in here and not nearly as nice as my backyard. I did get dagmar_b on the phone since I've been here and we're on for the 9 PM Burninghearts Burlesque Show tonight, with Vietnamese food beforehand. Then maybe afterwards Worthy Opponent and I will go to the Tacoma Art Museum and see how it looks.

If you want to see my short review of the play last night, it's on the other blog. We ate at Mediterranean kitchen beforehand (per motomotoyama's recommendatino), then went to the Comet to "loosen up," and once the show was over we played pinball at Funland, which made me very happy. Adam was at the show (as was Bret Fetzer, who deafened me with his enthusiastic laughing, and my brother and his girly), and he said his schedule should be loosening up enough for him to do lunch with me next week, which earned a big silent "so what" from me, although out loud I said, "Now that I have a new job we might even be able to eat at the restaurant I wanted to go to." He actually asked me for a hug before he left. I guess he really just doesn't know, does he?
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