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Who could ever want to leave such a beautiful place?

This morning, taking shadowaddy to the bus stop (I was driving so I could stay extra late at work and just go directly to rehearsal afterwards), we could see the snow-capped peaks of the Olympics across Elliot Bay (and Puget Sound) as we drove over the crest of Yesler. God, it was beautiful. And all the way into work Mount Rainier was hovering in the distance, looking like a giant pulling itself out of the bowls of the earth and preparing to go stomping across the land, a looming, weighty presence, luminously white.

Lunch somehow had to take place on the fifth floor patio with the Olympics view - the cheapest view dining in Seattle. After my coworker had scuttled off to a meeting I found myself paralyzed in the sun, unable to stop gazing into the distance and daydreaming. I stayed for an extra half hour, just enjoying being warm (and admittedly talking on the phone to people, since I could - no luck sending phone photos, though), looking at the mountains and the tiny skyscrapers and the forested hills close to my office.

As I got ready (after making a car rental reservation - DONE!) to buckle down to the rest of the afternoon's work, the kind of hazy slackitude of the afternoon really kicked in, and I found myself craving ... ice cream, for some reason, it just seemed like the right thing for what is a rather warm day. And then there was an email in my inbox from the Big Kahuna, saying he'd bought some ice cream, and could we all come over to his office and "get it while it's cold ..."

So perfect, really, just all of it.
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