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Daily life in Pioneer Square

It's sunny but cool outside. I just got back from lunch at Bakeman's, meatloaf and fixin's, which included homemade mashed potatoes that were incredibly good. Now I'm supposed to launch into a bunch more testing but I don't really know what to hit anymore other than unsupported configurations and bandwidth testing. I feel really tense, like I could get fired any minute for not doing the job right (either from stuff like this or more substantial problems like incompetence). I felt like all of these little voices were chattering in my head on the way over to the restaurant, and I was glad to be outside. I'll feel much better when this product is out the door and I start to feel like I've proven my worth to the company somewhat ... or that I'm jobless, but at least the stress will have ended.

There's my two minutes of screwing off, now I'm going to get some water and hit the lab again.
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