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Jiggety-jig (from Chicago)

Home again. My cat is ecstatic to see me. All of my roses need deadheading. Yep, I'm home.

Chicago had some highlights (uh, lessee, I saw "American Gothic," "Nighthawks," "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte," "Black Cross, New Mexico," and Van Gogh's "The Bedroom" at the Art Institute of Chicago - and barely scraped the collection), but I have this feeling that maybe I should have gone to the Florida Keys and got my scuba certification this weekend instead ... sitting in my muggy, stale house makes me wish I had spent my time swimming in warm salt water, like I suspect motomotoyama (who I saw at the airport) did while she was in Hawaii.

I have been admonished to enjoy my life here in Seattle by someone who is close enough to me to do the "only people who love you will tell you when you're screwing up" thing, and I should make that a goal, at least for the next two months, to really plunge into things here. It is just hard for me to live my life fully when I feel I don't even know what, say, August tenth holds for me. No knowledge means no ability to make plans, and plans make me feel stable and stable is good. And the Missing People thing is hard. But ... a lot of things are good here. If only butterbee could get better and not have to move to Canada ... I haven't had a best friend in five years or so and I'm going to miss her a lot.

If you care about my schedule, I won't be posting it weekly any more - I have a full-summer version at the top of webcowgirl. I won't say much about work, but I will be working really hard this week, and likely for most of the summer. But if I wanted to go kayaking off the coast of Vancouver Island again this summer - when would I go? *sigh*
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