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A rule by which to measure Patience. A shortage of same

I am feeling like my yammerings here are dull and pointless today, despite the big pile of pats. My thought: lj-cut everything, so that if I'm truly writing here just because I have a monkey to feed, I'm not making my friends walk through all of the monkey poo. And I'm feeling unhappy with myself today. I wish I could just reach inside myself and change things at will, like I was, I don't know, God or Frankenstein or Uncle Milton playing with the ant farm. Sometimes I think I can, that I can make myself feel certain things - or, more accurately, stop feeling, through the miracle of repression (decades of practice has made me strong in the ways of the squish) - but maybe I'm just kidding myself.

So, before I start Death By A Thousand Cut Tags, I will talk about the picture I've stuck here, which I will use henceforth as a shortcut to describe working on the show. (I've been trying to write about rehearsals pretty regularly to track my experiences being in a play, which is a new thing for me, but I suspect many people who might get my blatherings on their flists may not be particularly interested in what I've been doing.) On the right is a picture of what it will look like, which you won't see again; it's a bookmark with Tudor roses on it, which I bought last August when shadowdaddy and I went to the Tower of London (best part of visiting the Tower: the Punch and Judy show; second best: getting squished pennies). This is what it looks like right now; the red was just added Wednesday night, and fully half of the black bit was done Tuesday night. (The month of May I didn't get much done; pretty much we were either on stage or we were dismissed for the day, and I did not hang around just to listen to people sing.) I think I might be able to get it done before the show opens July 15th, but ... well, who knows. I bet I'll have it done before the end of our run on the 30th, though - plenty of time to sit around backstage once things start up. Anyway, if you have any feedback about how pictures can least imact your flist besides putting them behind cut tags (I make them smaller and habitually use an align=left tag because it pleases me), please let me know.
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