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Rehearsal didn't kick me out of it but ... whatever

Rehearsal today was end of act 1 - the hardest part of the whole show - and end of act 2, which is fairly brief. This requires all of us to be on stage, so I didn't get a lot of down time today. One of the principals came up with a new "bit" for us ladies to do during the "sing-off" between us and the dragoon guards that involves us waving hankies at the solicitor (who's on stage to sell raffle tickets, don't ask) - she suggested it, four of us did it to be silly, the director liked it and now it's in and we're all doing it in synch (left hand hanky waving only so as not to get in the face of the girls in front of us). We also practiced doing "Daphnephoric bound(s)" (again, don't ask), which I'm not managing all that well due to Ye Olde Dyslexia.

During break, I got silly and made up a song to express my joy at having donuts in the breakroom, to the tune of the Dragoon guard bit we're counteracting in the hanky dance section.

"Oh donuts, we praise you/Both iced, cake and glazed, you/Hardly are real food/How can I take but one?"

With a little more work I could probably find words to go with the other four verses but given how horrible this reads I probably should stop while I'm ahead (or behind, take your pick!).
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