Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

She's lost control. Happy two weeks early birthday to me.

I now have a permanent account (bought as an early birthday present as it's only available today). I've only been on for two years (let me check ...) - oh sweet baby Jesus, it's been four years now, I am so embarassed. Can I please have a real life soon? I figured it would be one more year on the CrackJournal and I'd be all better and off to living a real life and then I could say, "Oh, what a waste it was to buy a permanent journal." Now I fear I am doomed. I think I need to get a life as a gardener or a horse trainer or something so that I can break the internet habit altogether. Speaking of which, last night's movie had a scene in which the guy is sitting in bed with his girlie and is on his computer. This is just bad. This should be illegal.

Have borrowed phone charger from coworker, so calls will be returned or generated as appropriate.

Re: 9 Songs : yeah, well, it was yer highbrow smut film, no doubt about it. The acting wasn't good, there was little plot, but I expected it to basically be a kind of poem about the joys of the flesh, and it was. The people were lovely to watch, and I liked how cheerful and realistic it was. I did actually think there'd be a bit more plot, but it seemed somehow typical that a guy would remember his relationship with someone pretty much just as sex, lots and lots of good sex, with some concerts thrown in for good measure.

Note of How Out of It I Am:
Band (identified via projection as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club): "Here's a song you'll all recognize."
Me (turning to shadowdaddy): But honey, I've never heard it before ...

It was very nice to get to hear some Michael Nyman in the film, though. So ... I'd say maybe worth a rental, but basically you'll either see it because you want to see what's in it as there's no point bothering watching it because you want to see a really good movie.
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