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Tasty Bite review three: Simla potatoes

Had half of my stuffed bell pepper and the TastyBite Simla Potatoes today for lunch. The potatoes had fairly good flavor and were a nice accompaniment to the meaty stuffing of the pepper. I could actually see the coriander seeds, and the contents of the packet looked less like slop than usual, with actual Chunks o' Tater swimming in a yellow sauce. I was too scared to try the Malabar Mixed Vegetables, though. The idea of something in a white sauce sitting in a space-age aluminum packet at room temperature for months on end sets off my food poisoning radar.

I also went for a walk to Grand Central Bakery to pick up a pastry treat, successfully avoiding the yummy looking daily specials (a kind of chicken oriental salad and a lamb sandwich) and returning only with an Apricot Jammer and a mother's day card for my remaining grandmother. I got kind of sad thinking about how just two years ago I could remember being in the same store (the Paper Cat) and looking at all of the cat cards and trying to figure out which one my other grandma would like the most. And I was also thinking about how sad it was that I didn't have a mother any more, and what a horrible state our relationship was in when her life ended. I wonder if I'll get sapped out every Mother's day now. I also hit the post office for a stamp, and since we're getting a wee break in testing right now I should be able to get the card mailed out today and hopefully there on time. And you, you should also get your card mailed out today to whoever is supposed to get it, or face the wrath of FTD.

We're going to see "Hercules' Sneeze", the puppet opera, at the Northwest Puppet Center this Friday. Anyone want to come with us?

It's really time for me to write my article on blogs. Maybe I can start on it tomorrow.
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