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The day of much busyness

I'm back at work, feeling very proud of myself for figuring out how to get myself to Pioneer Square and parked immediately after a baseball game without getting blocked by newly christened one way streets and closed off thoroughfares. And as expected the work is not ready for me yet, as a new bug "only visible on live" showed up while I was gone and it is still being remedied.

I'm pleased to report that Dear Raed did make it back online, and I'm killing some time now catching up with his last month. It looks like he didn't have internet for a very long time.

I managed to get out of here in time for my dinner meeting at Shanghai Garden, where I tried two new dishes per the recommendation above, one for pepper-salted spareribs (okay but not up to their normal standards), the other for what I call "tang bao," the "soup dumplings" made with an extra teaspoon of juice inside. Yummy! Those were just like in China, only better. We had a pretty good conversation about reorganizing the Early Music Guild site, then I ran Worthy Opponent home, drove Charles to Town Hall for the EMG board meeting, and ran to Mud Bay Granary to get some food for Boo. At the meeting, I actually voted against Charles' motion to get a new artist support program going, and said that the person who made the donation to the Guild in support of this program was arrogant (since they were trying to determine how we spent our money instead of letting us do it ourselves) ... we'll see if I made any enemies. It was the most outspoken I'd been in a while. Good thing Bill McJohn wasn't there or it would have been World War III in Town Hall. (Actually, David Brewster seemed to be getting most upset at my comments ... was he the one who made the donation?)
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