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Notes on Patience: first day of four continuous rehearsals

Enjoying my brief moments of freedom and sunlight yesterday before my 8 PM rehearsal was probably a very good thing. The weather was perfect for a walk along the spindly swath of green that is Myrtle Edwards' Park. The ocean could barely be bothered to lap on the shore, and the other pedestrians seemed in a bit of a Vitamin-D induced haze. We made it as far as the fishing pier before we turned around, so we really got quite a good walk out before I headed into rehearsal, the first of four in a row this week, the first week in which we will have five rehearsals.

Rehearsal got off to a good start when the stage manager announced that we would not be having rehearsal on June 30th, quite a relief as that is the day my sister and my nephew are arriving. We're also apparently moving up the day we're doing a recording for the local classical radio station - it will now be this Saturday. That's kind of scary, as I don't think we're ready for it - we need a few more music rehearsals.

Much like our last full rehearsal, something seemed to be missing. The actors who'd just received some dance steps seemed plodding; we maidens were unenthused by the fable of the magnet and the churn; the director seemed morose and even apologized for her lack of energy. In fact, at the end of rehearsal she enthused (in a morose way) at such length about how "we've really got a show here" that I began to wonder if she had suffered a tragedy at home - it just really sounded like she was desperately trying to convince herself things were going well.

I actually made serious headway on my sewing while the many duets and solos of act 2 were going on (thank goodness I found it!), and was most grateful for the way it helped me pleasantly pass the time. We did just pound right on until 10 PM, though that only meant I was there for two hours total so I wasn't too beat afterwards to enjoy some sake at Ohana. Tonight we are going to get our dance steps, and I am a little bit worried. I think it won't be much of a night for sewing, truth be told.
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