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Just one more hour of sleep and I'd be a much nicer person

I'm in, I'm just very tired. I got 7 hours of sleep, then it was time to go sign the mortgage papers, awake or not. Worthy Opponent and I went to the Crumpet Shop at the Market after we were through signing, and after my ham and cheese crumpet, a nice pot of coffee, and some fresh donuts, I'm ready for ... more sleep. Instead, I'm making up another cup of tea. I also bought some fresh tea at the Perennial Tea Room, but heartbreakingly enough they're out of the Makaibiri Estate Second Flush Darjeeling, so I'm just having some China Keemun instead.

I would like to see Chicago tonight. There's a 6:45 at the Varsity. Does anyone want to join us?

I could talk on about the refinance and what it means for us NOT getting the work done on our house we wanted to, but that's dumb. Instead, I'll recommend you read this great story from Money Central in which they realize that home mortgage interest deductions only actually benefit people who are already fairly well off. I sure figured that out when I was doing my taxes this year, that most of the deductions are aimed at people who are already making enough money to spend doing the things they want to deduct. Like deducting for having someone do your taxes: isn't that just kind of a giveaway for people who can afford to do that in the first place? And deducting for using your car for business purposes, but not being able to count a commute, or the money you spend on your monthly bus pass: that's something that benefits people who have enough money to afford to have a car that's 1) worth enough to depreciate and 2) spend the money driving it to whatever you can justify as a business meeting.
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