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Losing Patience

This last week, the week of five rehearsals, has suffered greatly in my mind by also being the week of many Mariners' games. This means that, even though I dash out my office at 5 PM (and I haven't been able to leave any earlier as I have been working really hard and have suddenly become a popular meeting attendee), I am getting a grand total of forty minutes between the time I get off of the bus and the time I have to go to rehearsal. While one hour commutes do help me get some good reading done, I'd really rather have the extra half hour to be at home and, I don't know, actually sit down to eat, or just sit down. So this week I've been having very little time to relax after work, and it's wearing me out. One of my fellow choristers actually busted on me yesterday for wearing lipstick to rehearsal; she knows that I only try to really do up the makeup when I'm feeling really ground down. I made some jokes about going on a bender after rehearsal the night before, but, in fact, I'm just running short on sleep and needing some time to recharge my batteries. Thank goodness Friday and Sunday are off; I really need the chance to just do nothing for a bit.

shadowdaddy dropped me off last night so he could go see a movie (we had to have pizza from Hot Mama's for dinner, the turnaround was so tight), so I was a bit early and had a chance to visit with folks before things started up. Act Two is a pretty quiet one from the women's perspective (good for hitting the cross-stitch). I now have another semi-official bit; at the end of "A Magnet Hung in a Hardware Shop," all of the women dash off the stage after Grosvenor, and I sit there as the waves of skirts wash over me, looking overwhelmed, until Rebecca comes by and helps me get off of my knees and catch up to the departing throng. We kind of made it up two weeks ago, but the director doesn't seem to care and I like it as it gives me a chance to get to my feet without lumbering like an elephant. And I think it's funny.

We also were introduced to a new dance piece last night, created by one of the chorus members (Marsha) to go with the "Let the Merry Cymbals Sound" number. We wind up miming all of the lines, as if interpreting them to a deaf audience. I, of course, have no natural coordination, so I stumbled and mixed up my lefts and rights as we were walked through the bit on our break. To my horror, shadowdaddy returned just as we prepared to perform the bit in front of the director, and I was magically transformed into a seal again, complete with pinniped feet - stumbling on turns, forgetting which hand went up and which down (thank God I only have two hands to choose from), et cetera. She wound up cutting about half of the movement (to make it less "busy"), but even with that little amount I know I'll be struggling to make it look clean before we open. As she demonstrated to us how to correctly mime the words, I asked if our hands "were the symbols for ..." and got a nice groan from everyone, redeeming myself to shadowdaddy (in my twisted view of reality).

All of this and yet we were still done around 9 PM - John (Grosvenor) mentioned that when we start doing full run-throughs there will be none of this getting out early. We're recording music on Saturday for KING-FM, and I'm guessing that after that things will really get intense. I am very much looking forward to celebrating my birthday with whatever cast members are available Tuesday night, though - I might finally get some people to perform some duets with me!
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