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Old House Gardens

I'm pleased to say that I'll be accomplishing a long-standing goal of mine soon: I'm going to be a real game tester! I got a phone call last night from the research folks who asked me if I liked to play board games (did they know?). It made me think that they may be doing something for Cranium, since they are in town and I've heard they're looking to release some new games. I told them Cranium was my second favorite game, that I play it about every two weeks with friends and family, that I like it because it uses both sides of the brain, and that my favorite part of it was "sculptorades," although I didn't say it's because that's the part we play as its own game (Playdo Pictionary!) and without a stupid corporate name attached to it to make it distasteful. I'll be going in on Monday night and being PAID TO PLAY! Baby, life is sweet.

And my intent is to use my illgotten gains to try to see Chicago, since the amount of time I spent on the phone with this guy was roughly equal to the amount of time I should have arrived at the theater before the time I actually got there. So I missed seeing Chicago, because there was no way that I was going to miss the big opening number. The weather was so damn nice out that it was hard to give a damn, and I was more than happy to skip seeing X-Men at the Neptune in favor of general screwing around, which included pinball at Sureshot, gyros at Aladdin Falafel, and finally beer and Carcasonne at the Comet, where we arrived in time for happy hour. Both of us were too tired to be productive when we got home, and settled for full-on slacking out for the rest of the night. And about time too.

My one moment of productivity came when I opened my end-of-season surprise package from Old House Gardens. The first thing I saw was a note saying (more or less) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET ME IN SOME SOIL NOW! Directly beneath the note I found a little ziplock back with a layer of wet newspaper in it, and when I opened it I found the cutest little plant, just a single leaf on a rootball. I think it's an Elephant Ear, and I did plant it immediately. Also inside the box were cannas, rain lilies, tuberoses (?), and glads (two kinds). As near as I can tell they gave me everything they had left in the storehouse. I'm excited! And I can see that my weekend is going to involve a lot of time in the yard, although it is my hope that I'll be able to enjoy some time in someone else's yard (or former yard), too, on Sunday. And eat at Tad's Chicken and Dumplings. And shop at Powells.

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