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Cast recording for King FM

Rehearsal today was all about getting some music on tape to be broadcast on KING-FM (apparently on July 1st), so it was singing, singing, singing, and no movement or costumes. It was a great opportunity to catch up on some music notes - there were things I had missed long ago (a repeated chorus in which the first run through the altos go down note by note, then have a big skip the second time) that I caught today, and it looks like we're going to do an alto-only rehearsal of a particular tricky bit in the Act 1 finale Monday night.

I forget how tired just singing makes me - I mean, how hard can it really be to just stand in one place and belt it out? - but today was a big energy suck. I caught myself hearing the director say, "Okay, twenty love-sick maidens we," and translating it in my head as "wee," and suddenly I had this image of all of us ... anyway, I was obviously engaging in some free association. The soloists were superb today, however, in very fine voice, especially Patience - a benefit, I think, of not having to prance about on stage while singing. It was really a pleasure to just listen today, though I found getting trapped in the rehearsal space during the song about growing old and becoming pathetic a bit rough - even though Lady Jane is just a character, I find the song unbearably sad and a harsh reminder of the sad situation women of that era were in - so dependent on men for just everything, and in possession of little more than their good looks. So much better to be independent!

I had a bit of fun chatting with people during the few minutes we (women) weren't on stage, talking about what songs people might perform at my birthday party (my one request was for the women's duet from Lakme', though what I am hoping is that I can get people to sing duets with me), what it's like to be a company member year after year, et cetera. Our director was shown a possible crown for use during the final scene, and I got a great shot of her giving it a try - it's the perfect accessory for every director, I think.

It's odd to think that I was worried that the job transfer might come through before we made it to stage. At this point in time this show is a juggernaut moving forward that it seems nothing can stop, but on Saturday morning rehearsals it feels like the road it is marching over is covered with the bodies of chorus members - though I think the soloists would say they feel the machine mowing them over, too.
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