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It's getting hot in that warehouse

Rehearsal tonight was a continuation of the Bataan Death March that has been the last two weeks, but made even more charming by it being dusty and warm in the rehearsal space (it'll only be hotter tomorrow, joy!). Of course, with six hours of sleep and the murder of three hours of interviews I was a wreck, and I could barely remember how to get in character. Act? Move? More like hack and sweat. Bleah.

We went straight through Act One, with a long detour for work on Mr. Bunthorne's solo that involved adding furniture and some new props and figuring out how to get them on stage. I love watching him sing, and he does very clever movement, but OH! it was all pain for me today. I sewed and sewed, staying nearly silent all night (though I did duck out for a cookie or two at one point). I was a bit of a dolt and completely forgot to wear the scarf I needed at the end of the act, so there I stood, waving my skirt (which I had hiked up almost to my waist) so that I could attempt to execute the choreography correctly - hoping that the line of women in front of me would hide my gaffe from the director. And then while other people were singing solos I was unable to restrain my coughs ... oh, misery!

More tomorrow, and I pray that with a little less stress at work and a little more sleep I'll be in better form - well, since it's my birthday and I've invited the cast out to celebrate with me, I"d damn well better be! I hope I can find some people to do some duets!
Tags: patience
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