Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

The days will now get shorter, but feel longer. Patience notes.

Before I say anything about last night's rehearsal, I want to say that Whittard's Castleton second flush Darjeeling is fantastic, probably the best tea I've bought out of the 20 different kinds I bought in the last year. YUM!

Rehearsal last night was marked by 1) my forgetting to bring my bookmark with me, thus PAIN AND BOREDOM! (the changes in it from last time are actually from me working on it at home - cheating, I know!) and 2) it being my birthday, thus SILLINESS. We went through act 2 and I either went through music with my co-choristers for the party afterwards (Leah has a copy of "I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say No," which I have been looking for for years or read Eragorn during my down time. Act two has about 40-50 minutes in which we maidens are utterly unneeded, so I did have a lot of time to contemplate my failure to pack properly for the show.

The dance off at the end of of the show actually went much better for me this time, and not just because I finally had my character shoes on (found hiding in my luggage from Chicago) - I seemed to have picked up the steps at last. I also got the right posture for the "daphnephoric bound" during the "Let the Merry Cymbals Sound" at the end of act 1, which we wound up rehearsing after we'd finished the other act. I'm still struggling with the newly-added moves for that bit, which I am hoping will continue to be cut to a manageable size. My great delight was when we'd finished that bit, the ladies were dismissed, and suddenly the whole cast was singing happy birthday to me, and Mr. Bunthorne was draping his garland of flowers on my shoulders. It was really lovely, and I'm sure I looked as pleased as punch to be getting such harmonious tidings from my fellow troopers. The only thing better was getting out over an hour before the scheduled end of rehearsal, which meant I was able to actually start my party at a decent time. It was a very good evening!
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