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Oh madcap scarf! - rehearsal notes

Clad in a long-sleeved black t-shirt with a colorful silk shirt sticking out the bottom, ill-fitting capris flapping at my knees, in a pair of flats with black socks halfway up my calf - and all of it brightened by sawdust - I am home from rehearsal and looking HOT.

I was in a fairly good mood for rehearsal today - it was nice and cool in the warehouse (thanks to how cold it was outside - is this really summer?). I was also lucky enough to have shadowdaddy make me dinner, and I've fit in a nap every day this week before I went in - and I'm sure being well-fed and well-rested has to be very good for my temper (not to mention remembering my needlework, which keeps me patient when I'm off stage).

I finally got to try on my costumes today. My "aesthetic" outfit is still being sewn - it will be a rusty-orange waistless shift with poofy, elbow-length sleeves and a purple, sleeveless tunic worn over it. It looks a lot like a sketch of Morgan Le Fay by Waterhouse that I seem to recall. My Victorian day dress is a charming thing in peach and pink, and though I won't be wearing it corsetted (a bit much trouble for about five minutes of stage time), I do get a bustle. The costume designer is also going to be putting me in a wig, likely something dark brown. I am going to be one hot lady on stage, that's for sure, but not at all in the way I would like to be.

I provided the comedy tonight as I rushed back onto stage after my fitting, late for our opening number, trying to pull my rehearsal dress on and succeeding in getting it all the way over my head - and one arm. I had quite a struggle to get it back over the offending arm and onto my shoulders, and my fellow maidens (and lounging Dragoons) were teasing me about partying too long last night.

We actually made it all the way through the show tonight, and finished almost on time at 10 PM, even with 15 minutes at the beginning of the evening to rehearse some of the movement pieces. The show must really be coming together - I remember the first sing-through rehearsal - no dialogue at all - and even without doing the repeated verses we could barely make it through in three hours. Less than a month before opening, and we will be ready soon! (And I found my missing scarf, which had apparently decided to stay behind in the rehearsal space at some point, rather than come home with me.) And for tonight, rather than going out, it's early to bed (for me) as I am carpooling in with a coworker tomorrow. Ooh, do I know how to party or what?
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