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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Patience: written on the bawdy

Things were, again, silly at rehearsal. Two of the soprano leads were cutting little jokes during a long bit where the men were singing, and I leaned forward to find out why they were giggling. "It's that word, 'fleering' at us. I think it's something having to do with ..." and she waved at her butt. Then the director interrupted, "Alright, men! Where are those thumbs?" and I cracked up, turning a nice shade of red.

Later the men were being given a music note, and someone said, "You're not paying attention to the man with the big stick!" And the music director said, "Yeah, I'm just up here playing with it, but if you'd like I'll take it out and start waving it at you."

Finally, one of the male leads (the colonel?) was being given some end-of-the-night notes ... "Can you do something about your flower?" "The stem broke tonight," he announced, and of course the suggestion came out from the cast that he had been deflowered ....

I'm guessing people are pretty worn out with this week's intense schedule. I ran into charmed_art at his art opening (which I stopped in for just a few minutes on my way out), and he answered his, "How are you?" with "You're worn out from all this stuff you're doing, aren't you?" And he is right, I'm pretty tired, and glad I've kept my plans fairly light this week except for my birthday night.
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