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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

The Defeat of the Spanish Fermata (Patience notes)

To my surprise, tonight was a music-only rehearsal for Patience - no movement, no ballet slippers, just a bunch of people sitting with their scores and working through tricky bits. I was pretty busy (the sewing above was actually done at home), but did get a little time to read Tortilla Flat while the men's chorus was practicing. Several people appeared to be recovering from colds, and the woman next to me was sticking to just singing when we weren't performing in unison. Here's hoping no one was infectious.

Before we started, we were shown the "bog machine" - a platform with balsa wood cat tails affixed to it, which rolls onto the stage and then pulls a swan along with it. It was quite clever, and the man who made it was obviously proud - he surely deserved the round of applause we gave him.

I found out that final dress rehearsal is only $10, so if you're interested in coming to see the show but put off by the ticket price (the non-student rate is $22 for most performances), pen in Thursday, July 14th as your good night to go. It'll start at 7, I think. Let me know if you're interested and I'll make sure to get you the details.

And I just have to say: I have been dubbed an honorary baritone after singing what I call the potato song ("Am I Alone and Unobserved," aka "And everyone will say/As you walk your flow'ry way/If he's content with a vegetable love which would certainly not suit me ...", whatever it is called) at my birthday party.
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