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Patience. Mine is gone and I'm running on fumes.

I can't express my relief that I am about to get 6 days without rehearsal, despite the fact that tonight proved that I need it. There was something so utterly pathetic about having my dinner be a bowl of macaroni and cheese eaten in the car (with Rainier cherries and green tea ice cream to round it out - God, my dining habits have just gone down the toliet this month), and I need a bit of a break to just catch my breath. For some reason, my partner and I totally boffed our entrance at the beginning of the show. I was distracted by the girls that came on before us - somehow it seemed to me that they were late. Then suddenly we were looking at each other and wondering what to do - we'd totally missed our cue! The director was pretty put out and had us redo the entire bit. It was so odd, we've never missed our entrance before. I don't know what happened.

Then there were the dance bits. Ballet slippers or character shoes, I was a stumbling elephant tonight. In "Let the Merry Cymbals Sound," I got my left and right mixed up for our "daphnephoric bound;" in the act two finale I couldn't do the "heel ball toe" bouncing step that comes after the turn. I'm going to have to actually practice this over the next couple of days so that I get nice and smooth.

All this aside, the director was pretty happy with us. We made it all the way through in a respectable amount of time, and her praise at the end seemed much more genuine than it did three weeks ago when she was fighting a cold. Now we get about a week off while the set gets moved to the Rep, and I am on a mission to get some tickets sold. Hopefully I can convince some people at work to go.

And I must add ... I could smell the sea air coming in the vents tonight at the end of the evening, and it was just lovely. Seattle is such a nice place to live this time of the year.
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