Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Patience notes (after the last long break, this week will be five days in a row)

Our soldiers are all queens
They're dressed in skin-tight leather
They camp up every scene
And shake their butts together

After five nights off, things seemed loose tonight, on stage and off. People weren't keeping character on stage, we were sloppy about music notes we'd hit correctly before, folks backstage were noisy. Actually, there seemed to be quite a party happening in the "green room" - there was sliced french bread in a big bowl with vinegar/oil to dip it in and spinach spread to put on top, and people gathered there and chatted and snacked away. Several people are unfortunately sick, but they were keeping to themselves - except for the director, and I do hope she kept enough distance to be non-communicable.

Our director had us going without solos so that we could make it briskly through the show (and, I think, focus on the more problematic areas), and we did actually finish up at 9:40. I was pleased to see that I did the "Let the merry cymbals sound" dance correctly, getting the LEFT arm up and the RIGHT arm down and behind, turning at the right point, nicely following the girl in front of me for the "every heart is beating" mime. Tomorrow we're going to have a costume parade (I think it means the director and costumer are going to see each of us in our costumes and see if any adjustments should be made), and then ... wow ... Thursday we move into the Rep. We are really coming down to the wire! We open in just ten days ... I'd better not think about it, this could be scary.

And ... I still don't know if my dad is coming, but I should probably just stop thinking about it and let him do his own thing. I've got people seeing the show the first and the last weekend, and if my dad misses it, I'm sure it will be no big deal. I am going to buy at least two copies of the DVD of the show for people to watch, though - my sister and grandparents-in-law have said they'd like it, and I will be happy to oblige. And of course I'll want a copy for myself! I was peeking around today and it's amazing what the other people are doing when I'm facing the audience like I'm supposed to. What a bunch of comedians!
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