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Next to last Flamenco class and poll game

Wow, it's hard to believe how easy it was to park close to where I work today. Hello, isn't this an urban area?

I found the link to The Polling Game, only it's actually called "thepollgame," so it's no wonder I had a hard time finding it yesterday. To make it worse, Board Game Geek has it listed under T.

motomotoyama and I survived flamenco last night. Josela's oversharing nature came through when she started talking about how a fat girl could wear a particular skirt and still look good. She seemed to be especially harsh on one of the girls who missed the last class. I was very frustrated that she thought showing how to do something slowly once and then doing it fast for five minutes (none of which I could follow) constituted teaching, and I kind of wish I'd gone to Cort's for movie night. It will be hard to motivate to go to the last night of class, although of course I like the idea of dancing around with a whip and a cowboy hat.

We consoled ourselves with Thai food instead of the margaritas the evening called for (Thai Tom, so superb, next time I'm getting the chicken with steamed vegetables ... teh peanut sauce makes it all worthwhile!), chatting away, then stopped in at some bubble tea place where I foolishly (given the drop in temperature and my lightweight clothing) ordered a "smoothie," which was made with lots of ice. BRRRR! I read a bit after I got home, and actually made it to bed before 11, which means I feel right perky today! In fact, I think it might be time for a walk to Grand Central bakery RIGHT NOW.
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