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Patience - the threads are frayed

It seemed fitting, somehow, that as the "week of five rehearsals" drew to a close with the god-mike announcing, "All cast members to the stage for the Act 2 finale!" I was putting the last stitch into my bookmark. Technically, it needs a little finishing - there's the red felt strip to add, and the tassel - but truth be told, it is done.

I raced out of a movie to make it to our 6:30 call, and actually made such good time I was able to stop by Larry's and pick up a flat of raspberries for the green room (as well as a big Dr. Pepper for me - I was just beat). All of the little birds devoured them - even our director was noshing on them. And we had plenty of time, too, as it was the first rehearsal in the big building with the orchestra, and we had a full hour after our call before we had much of anything to do while they did sound checks. I used the spare time to squeeze in some dinner (a baguette with sliced meat and cheese from the Larry's deli) and read Eragorn (it's lost its charm for me, I need a grownup fantasy book to read).

Rehearsal went quickly once it started, as the orchestra was supposed to be released at ten and we needed to be done by then. We ran the show "song to song" - without most dialogue - and things raced by. It was actually amazing how different it sounded to hear our cues performed by violins and clarinets and trumpets instead a piano, although of course a lot of it was different because the music was new to them and we weren't quite synched up. But it sounded so much more inspiring - I mean, just as an example, the french horn (I think!) that does "Turn oh Turn" is really lovely.

I got what to me amounted to a very nice compliment from "the barrister" - he said during the bit where we maidens are instructed to "Think of nothing at all!" that I have the most vapid look on my face of all. Woo! I'm the dumb looking one! I was telling this to someone else today, and my husband saved it from being a slur on my character by adding, "Now that's acting!" What a sweetie.

Anyway, a reminder: show opens Friday, tickets are $22. For you folks watching your finances, Thursday's preview is $10. Let me know if you're coming - I'd love to see you!
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